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Ten Pediatric Patients Recognized as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals National Champions

These patients and families dedicate the year ahead to show how you unlock a world of possibilities for their future when supporting kids’ health.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Jan. 9, 2023) – Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® has recognized 10 children across the country as 2023 National Champions to advocate for funding to change kids’ health. Through first-hand experiences, these champions and their families show just how vital local, unrestricted fundraising is for member hospitals of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to meet the needs of their communities.

For 40 years, member children’s hospitals have been on the frontlines to improve future generations’ health. Every day, member hospitals provide high-quality, specialized, compassionate care to millions of kids in need – but they can’t do it alone. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a nonprofit that supports 170 member children’s hospitals in the U.S. and Canada by raising vital funds.

“These 10 individuals represent the millions of children and families who have entered local member children’s hospitals for care since 1983,” said Teri Nestel, President & CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. “Each of them is a story of courage and perseverance, who has benefited from the dedication of expert care teams and the support of advanced medical equipment, services, programs and the like funded by donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Meet the 2023 U.S. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals National Champions that span across 10 different U.S. cities:

Meet Ashley — Since birth, Ashley has experienced several chronic health conditions and medical challenges and is a long-time patient of her local children’s hospital. Because of countless appointments under the care of several specialties, she can miss days at school, then experience anxiety and stress as she catches up. Ashley and her family have benefited from many clinical programs and health services funded by philanthropy and donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. She is a spokesperson for youth mental health and advocates for continued funding for mental health initiatives to help more kids in local communities.

Meet Logan — At age three, doctors at his local children’s hospital confirmed that Logan had hearing loss in both ears. Funded by donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Logan received the foundational surgeries needed to excel in elementary school today and programs for his family to best support his needs at home.

Meet Kahmari — Kahmari will need treatment throughout his life for gastroschisis, including monthly biologic infusions or blood transfusions. Donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have aided the GI team at his local member children’s hospital, benefiting his current and future treatment planning. Kahmari is a shining light to his family and the GI and infusion teams at the children’s hospital, who have become family to him.

Meet Sarah — Sarah was born with a heart defect and was on the heart transplant list after her third open-heart surgery. She received her new heart on February 12, 2021. Donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals helped her member hospital provide specialized pediatric rehabilitation equipment and Child Life Services to help make sure her recovery was smooth and successful. Not to mention, it even included a little fun.

Meet Tyson — Tyson was born at 24 weeks gestation and weighed only 12.7 ounces. Donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals helped his local member hospital provide state-of-the-art NICU equipment that aided his outcomes and webcams that helped his family stay connected while away from the hospital. Now 10, Tyson is known as one of the world’s smallest surviving babies, born less than a pound.

Meet Kelsie — Kelsie knows about powering through hard times. Born with cystic fibrosis, Kelsie takes more than 30 pills daily and undergoes rigorous treatments and therapy to help clear her lungs. Donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have helped Kelsie benefit from the most advanced cystic fibrosis treatment available, including medication that can treat the underlining cause of CF and change the trajectory of the disease.

Meet Tate — Tate is a cancer survivor. After being diagnosed with stage three hepatoblastoma, he received chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumor. Tate received care from the physician-scientists at the donor-funded center for pediatric research at his local children’s hospital. Today, they continue to discover better treatment options for fewer side effects and healthier futures for kids. When you donate to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, every dollar goes to the local member children’s hospital to help fund vital services for kids.

Meet Camryn — Camryn was born with sickle cell disease and underwent a successful stem cell transplant at her local children’s hospital. She benefitted from the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy teams funded through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. One of the therapeutic interventions that helped Camryn through her 88-day hospital stay was to create her own coping kit. Items in the kit helped Camryn distract herself during various medical procedures and allowed for a more positive hospital experience.

Meet Logan — At 17 weeks, an ultrasound confirmed that Candice’s daughter, Logan, had spina bifida. The day after her birth, Logan transferred to the local children’s hospital, where a multi-disciplinary medical team was at-the-ready. Funded by donations raised through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, these teams met with Candice and Logan before and after birth to provide comprehensive care all under one roof. Now age six, Logan’s daily activities like dance, karate, horseback riding and t-ball will continue to grow, while her family-centered care will remain at one location. 

Meet Anderson — When Anderson was three, he was diagnosed with Chiari malformation and underwent surgery within five days. The hospital team was able to use neurology-specific equipment, funded by donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that allow for endoscopic procedures to be less invasive, have better outcomes, and shorten the length of hospital stay.  Two weeks after surgery, Anderson was able to speak, eat, ride a scooter, cross a balance beam at the park, squeeze hands and give the tightest hugs for the first time.

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