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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® Announces 11 New National Champions Advocating for Pediatric Healthcare

As National Champions, these patients and their families are key to informing the public that member children’s hospitals are charities in need of donations 

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Jan. 2, 2024) – Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals proudly introduces its newest cohort of National Champions, a group of extraordinary ambassadors dedicated to raising awareness about the critical need for charitable donations to support pediatric healthcare. These inspirational children and their families hail from diverse backgrounds and represent various member hospitals across the U.S. Each Champion’s unique journey exemplifies the profound impact of donations on their lives, underscoring the urgent need to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. 

Meet the Champions: 

Adeline – Duke Children’s Hospital (Age: 8) 

After experiencing frequent heart arrhythmias after she was born, Adeline’s doctors sent her to a specialist at Duke Children’s, a member hospital of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Adeline was subsequently diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, a potentially life-threatening condition. After receiving a therapeutic pacemaker at seven days old, Adeline is now a happy, energetic second grader, living life to the fullest thanks to donations that help her doctors study and better understand her condition. Donations support research and medical advancements for Long QT Syndrome. 

Brooke – Shodair Children’s Hospital (Age: 18) 

At a young age, Brooke began to show signs she was struggling, culminating in the eighth grade when she attempted to take her own life. Lost and unsure where to turn, Brooke’s mom decided Shodair Children’s Hospital, which specializes in psychiatric care for children and adolescents, was their best option. The treatment team was able to offer safety, hope, and the therapy Brooke and the entire family desperately needed. Thanks to donations, Brooke was able to receive the care she needed. Today she’s thriving and wants to help other kids so they know they don’t have to suffer alone. Donations help cover uncompensated medical care for psychiatric services. 

Jack and Barrett – Monument Health (Age: 7) 

After a long journey with invitro fertilization, Amy and Jayna found out they were expecting triplet boys. At 20 weeks gestation, Amy had to be hospitalized for an emergency procedure followed by bed rest. Barrett, Jack and Leighton were born at just over 24 weeks. Unfortunately, Leighton passed at four days old and through this unimaginable loss, Amy and Jayna held strong for Jack and Barrett who would have a long road ahead with many procedures. Due to their need for specialized care, Jack and Barrett were separated at two different member hospitals of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals off and on over the span of two months. Thanks to donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Amy and Jayna were provided funds to assist them in traveling between hospitals and home and were able to see their boys through NICVIEW cameras funded by donations when they couldn’t physically be there.  Donations provide NICU equipment, travel assistance, and NICVIEW cameras for families. 

Anna Grace – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Age: 12) 

Anna Grace was born with a limb difference that doctors initially thought might prevent her from ever walking. At two years of age, Anna Grace underwent surgery at Cincinnati Children’s and just 10 days later was in her prosthesis and taking her first steps. And she hasn’t stopped since. Donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals helped Anna Grace receive cutting edge physical therapy equipment and prosthetics to ensure she can live to her fullest potential. Donations enable access to cutting-edge physical therapy equipment and prosthetics. 

Nylah – Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Age: 13) 

From a young age, Nylah struggled to maintain a healthy weight which took a toll on her self-image and mental wellbeing. After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, her family doctor referred her to the Play Strong program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital where she was given the tools and resources to make small changes over time that helped transform her mind and love of self. Donations support programs like Play Strong for children struggling with weight and self-image. 

Isaac – Children’s Specialized Hospital (Age: 16) 

At the age of 14, Isaac suffered a terrible fall while performing a stunt in cheerleading practice, leaving him unable to move from the neck down. Isaac was transferred to Children’s Specialized Hospital, located in New Brunswick, NJ, and began therapeutic programs funded by donations, including extensive physical rehabilitation to help him regain mobility. Despite his challenges, Isaac is able to encourage everyone around him through his sweet and vibrant nature. Donations directly support therapeutic programs and services for mobility recovery. 

Joseph – CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System (Age: 6) 

Joseph weighed one pound nine ounces when he was born four months early. He spent the next 130 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System, where he recovered from two brain surgeries and a heart surgery. Thanks to donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Joseph and his NICU medical team had access to specialized life-saving equipment. Today, Joseph is an energetic first grader who is thriving with the help of weekly outpatient physical and occupational therapy. Donations provide access to specialized life-saving equipment in the NICU. 

Nolan – CHRISTUS Children’s (Age: 7) 

At the age of three, Nolan was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a form of cancer that develops in the eye, after his mom noticed something strange in his eye. Just two weeks later Nolan’s eye was removed, and subsequently went through six months of chemotherapy, ringing the bell to mark the end of treatment just before his fourth birthday. Donations to CHRISTUS Children’s in San Antonio helped fund innovative surgery and cancer care, all instrumental in Nolan’s treatment. Donations fund surgical innovation and cancer care for children like Nolan. 

Jorge (JP) – Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children (Age: 16) 

Just before his second birthday, JP was diagnosed with Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (PTLS), after undergoing genetic testing. PTLS caused significant developmental delays including feeding and speech difficulties and low muscle tone. Thanks to early interventions by his specialists at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, JP can walk, run and dance with his seven siblings. Donations support clinicians, programs, and technology for developmental challenges. 

Ella – St. Louis Children’s Hospital (Age: 11) 

Born at just 27 weeks, Ella was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), a softening of brain tissue due to a brain bleed. After spending the first four months of her life in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), she was eventually referred to a specialist for children with cerebral palsy at St. Louis Children’s where she underwent surgery to allow her to walk independently. While recovering Ella was able to enjoy services at the hospital that helped her still feel like a kid, like visits from the therapy dog and time in the playroom. Donations create programs like Camp Independence for children with movement disorders. 

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the largest fundraising network for children’s hospitals in the U.S. and Canada, partners with leading pediatric healthcare providers to give kids a world of possibilities.  

“The stories of our National Champions emphasize the transformative impact of charitable donations on pediatric healthcare,” said Aimee J. Daily, Ph.D., President and CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. “When you support our mission, you help kids grow up healthier, stronger, and ready for tomorrow.” 

National Champions are a group of ambassadors for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals located throughout the U.S. As National Champions, they’re key to informing the public that children’s hospitals are charities in need of donations. By sharing first-hand experiences, Champions and their families show just how vital local, unrestricted fundraising is for member hospitals to meet the needs of their communities. 

Visit to learn more about how Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and its network support the health of more than 12 million kids each year. 

About Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals:  

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals was founded more than 40 years ago with the vision to Change Kids’ Health, Change the Future. We’ve raised over $8.5 billion for 170 children’s hospitals by empowering and engaging with local communities and businesses – and we’re not done yet. All donations benefit local member hospitals to fund what’s needed most, like critical life-saving treatments and healthcare services, innovative research, vital pediatric medical equipment, child life services that put kids’ and families’ minds at ease during difficult hospital stays, and financial assistance for families who could not otherwise afford these health services. 

Together, we can change kids’ health. Together, we can change the future. To learn about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and your local member children’s hospital, visit

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